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Administrative Assistant Job Description

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Purpose: Provides the first point of contact for church members, vendors and the public to GBPC. Provides administrative assistant services to the Pastor, with additional services to Session and members of church, at the direction of the Pastor. Maintains professionalism and confidentiality with all interactions by any medium. Possesses personal warmth, a desire to grow the church, and a forward-thinking attitude as guiding principles in performing assigned responsibilities

Accountability: Accountable to the Pastor as head of staff, and on behalf of the personnel committee, a standing committee of Session.

Responsibilities: Functions as the church receptionist, answering telephone calls, emails, or other communications and relays them to the appropriate employed staff, Session member or church member. Confirms appointment times with the Pastor. Maintains mailing and deliveries on behalf of the church. During regular office hours, knows Pastor’s and other staff locations and means of contacting them. Knows an alternate contact person for pastoral care when the Pastor is not available. Has a superior working knowledge of office equipment, office software (Microsoft 365, web-based and Software As A Service (SAAS) software systems), office systems and bookkeeping practices. Learns how to operate office software, systems and machines thoroughly and efficiently as technology changes. Maintains sources of help for the repair and maintenance of this equipment and software. Performs weekly recurring tasks needed on a timely basis which include, but are not limited to, creating and distributing the worship bulletins in paper and digital form, digital slideshow presentation for worship services, and email information through web-based software (currently Breeze, Proclaim and Wix). Responsible for accurately creating, filing and retrieving efficiently digital and paper copies of church records. 


Communicates (documents, minutes, meeting agendas, etc.) with church leadership by digital and paper methods. Works closely with property committee moderator as needed for building and grounds maintenance and repairs brought to his/her attention. Controls and issues keys to the church facilities. Controls and maintains the church calendar and management software for facility use, long/short term events and meetings, church permanent records, and the church membership roll and directory. Currently the source of all calendars, membership rolls and directory is the Breeze. Maintains sources of assistance, especially employed staff, Session committees, web resources and key member volunteers. Responsible for office inventory and ordering of office supplies while spending within the office’s budget. Recruits, trains, and directs church office volunteers to assist with office related tasks. Demonstrates teamwork and a spirit of cooperation with other staff members, lay leaders, and members of the congregation. Performs other duties as assigned by the Pastor and assists in activities that will enhance the mission of Gulf Breeze Presbyterian Church. Attends and actively participates in regular staff meetings and staff/Session development activities.


Church Office/ Regular Work Hours: Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm (with one unpaid hour for lunch). Additional hours will be approved by the head of staff and may be paid as compensatory time off.


Compensation: $ 18-per-hour


Vacation/Paid –Time-Off: Two weeks (8 days) of vacation/paid time-off per year. One week (4 days) of sick leave per year.


Evaluation: Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the Pastor in conjunction with the personnel committee on behalf of the church Session. The Session annually reviews the adequacy of compensation for this position.

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