Our ministry exists to REACH WIDE, TEACH DEEP, and UNLEASH COMPASSION in the hopes that students will have their lives radically changed by Jesus Christ.

Children's & Youth Ministry @G.B.P.C.

"Let the children alone and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Matthew 19:14  ESV

  Studies from Fuller Seminary found in the book "Growing Young", that students are statistically less likely to graduate from their faith If a student is connected to God, their peers, and 5 adults of the Church.

(Sticky Faith & Growing Young By Dr. Kara Powell & Dr. Chap Clark)

Here at G.B.P.C. We value our children and youth! They are not only the future of our Church, but the present. Our children & youth are actively involved in worship, mission, and service projects across Gulf Breeze Presbyterian Church.


       Our vision is that each student would have a vibrant, healthy, and abiding faith in Jesus Christ. That students would be able to Connect, Relate, Grow, and Engage both God and others in the midst of Community. 

Children Ages 4-9:

  • Imitate Religious Behavior

  • ask faith based questions

  • Begin to express faith based language     


​​​By the time a child is 9 years old a basic moral foundation is formed.

More than 80% of today's children will never set foot in the church. This is why outreach is vital. Why programs like Youth Group , Kidz Club, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday are essential to youth and children’s spiritual development. 



Children Ages 8-12:     

  • Begin to understand faith stories

  • Engage in Discipleship & Service 

The idea is that students need 5 adults ASIDE from their parents that are investing into their lives, that know them, love them,  connect consistently and appropriately.

Connect: to join, link or fasten together. To unite or to bind. To associate mentally, or emotionally to something or someone.

  • Connect with God

  • Connect with Others in the midst of the Community  

Relate: We live our lives & connect to God and our community.

  • Relate to God

  • Relate to Others 

  • learn to be faithful to God's teaching

Grow: When we Connect & Relate to God, & each other, in community consistently , We Grow! 

  • Worship

  • Discipleship 

  • Service

Engage: When students consistently Connect, Relate, & Grow with God & others, they are equipped to engage the world around them for the Kingdom of God.  

if you would like more information about our Youth & Children's programs

Please contact


Kim Carruth: Director of Christian Education


Lauren Christian: Youth Director  

Sunday School for all ages at 9am
Sunday worship service at 10am
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